7 Benefits of giving your dogs bully stick


What are Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks, also known as bull pizzle, are fibrous bull muscle or bull penis, that is cleaned thoroughly and stretched or twisted into shapes such as braided, dumbbell shape, bite size, curly shapes etc.  It is then dried in the sun or baked in the oven. The result is a 75cm to 100cm golden brown treat, which is then cut down into smaller appropriate sizes- such as 15cm and 20cm bully sticks, so that it makes more of a great size for the different size breeds of dogs and even cats.

Below we talk about the 10 benefits that you can obtain from giving bully stick to your furkid.

  1. High in protein and low in calories

As bully sticks are all natural and lean single ingredient, they are low in calories, low in fat and high in protein, making them a healthy treat for your dog to indulge on without worrying about weight and health issue.

  1. Great as a natural dental chew for oral hygiene

Bully sticks promote healthy teeth and gum health as they are natural chewy and slightly stretchy. With the hard texture of the bully stick, it helps to clean the plaque and tartar of their teeth while they gnaw and chew, giving their teeth a thorough scrub.

  1. Great for puppies and older dogs

As your puppies are curious and open to chewing on just anything in this world, bully stick is safe and easy to chew on, thanks to its 100% digestible properties that not only poses no risk of choking to your puppy, you also won’t need to worry that your puppy will get stomachache from ingesting it. If you are still worry that it is difficult for your puppies or older dogs to chew on, consider a softer option pizzle such as Lamb Braided Bully Stick. They are much softer comparing to bull pizzle. 

  1. Long lasting chew that can keep your dog entertained for long time

Bully stick may look just like its just a stick and can be chewed down in seconds, but do not be deceived by its look. They are super long lasting, that can keep your dog busy for quite some time, and give you more me time while they enjoy their treats! Depending on the type and size of bully stick, and chewing style of your dog, it can offer up to a few hours of entertainment.  If you are looking to extend the chew time without increasing its size, consider a braided option for extra chew.

  1. Save on your house’s furniture

Ever given some chew toy to your puppy or dog, and they chew it for a while and then starts to chew on your walls and furniture? Try a bully stick as it is a long lasting chew, and the chewing action provide mental stimulation to your dog. It helps to occupy their time and kill boredom, and are often used by owners during the times they are busy or when their dog need to be left alone or when the dog needs to be crated.

  1. Dogs absolutely love it

Most dogs just absolutely love bully stick. They seem to be drawn by the smell of the treats and enjoy the taste. Some owners might be drawn off by what they are (Penis of bull) but consider that dogs are adapted to eat all parts of animals, the same way wolves do in the wild.

  1. They are nutritious

Aside from being high in protein and low in fat, bully sticks are all natural, single ingredient treats, which does not have any preservatives or additives added to it. Beef is also an excellent source of amino acids, magnesium and calcium to promote your dog’s health, skin and coat, muscle and brain health, which means the bully sticks will provide this benefits to your dog as well.


We have various thickness and sizes of Bull Bully stick, check out below products.

Beef Bully Stick- 15cm standard (Thin and easy to be chew for smaller size dogs or even cats)

Beef Bully Stick- 15cm Thick (Thick and great and longer lasting for the more aggressive chewer)


If your dog has food intolerance or allergy issues with beef product, consider Lamb Pizzle as an alternative options. We have different sizes ranging from small to large.